10 September 2004


Artist statement

“I think the destructive element is too much neglected in art.”

– Piet Mondrian
from “The Dada Painters And Poets: An Anthology, Second Edition,” (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press: 1981), edited by Robert Motherwell, pg. xviii.


In Pittsburgh, last stretch of the Sonore tour, finished the soundcheck and we play in about 15 minutes. This trip has been exceptional in many ways, the music and the audiences- the best and most consistent attendence from night to night of any tour I’ve done in North America. Pretty amazing considering that the instrumentation is so unconventional and the music demands so much from everyone involved. I’d say we’re all getting paid Strattera back in full, though.

Been great to listen to Peter warm up on the clarinet each night, playing all standards and ballads beautifully. He and Mats should start their own comedy show, listening to the two of them speak in half German in the back of the van is ridiculously funny. Each night the music seems to pick up where it left off at the end of the last concert, the trip feels like one amazing and continuous set of music. It will be pretty incredible to review all the music Amos has recorded each, I know there’s a spectacular album there. Two sets tonight, next stop- Lexington, Kentucky.