5 December 2004


Some quick Ethiopean food at the cafe and then the EX. I just saw these guys in September when they played at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, and somehow they sounded even greater. As I watched and listened I kept thinking, “25 years.” All that passion for music, undiminished. The sound of something to do next, undiminished. All the people in that room, from all over the world, people pulled together by the EX and their music – listening.

When the night was over I tried to thank all of the members of the band, telling them how much it meant to me to be invited and to be there to perform, how great they sounded and how amazing their achievement was – all of them just laughed and shrugged. Except Terrie. He laughed and shrugged and said, “What Ken, you want to fight? You’re so serious – I’d rather fight.” Instead, I helped him and a bunch of the other musicians load the EX van with equipment. Somehow they were going to get it and all the people staying at Terrie’s house (the musicians from Ethiopia, France, etc., about 18 all told) back home.

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