New Horse For the White House



Track list
Disc 1: Studio Volume 1
1. Fall With A Vengeance (for Park Chanwook) – 20:13
2. Untitles Fiction (Charles Mingus) – 18:05

Disc 2: Studio Volume 2
3. Corrosion (for Barnett Newman) – 16:43
4. Cards (for Jorge Borges) – 25:30

Disc 3: “Live” Radio
1. Fall With A Vengeance (for Park Chanwook) – 17:33
2. Untitles Fiction (Charles Mingus) – 16:12
3. Corrosion (for Barnett Newman) – 17:37
4. Cards (for Jorge Borges) – 24:39

Released by Territory Band 5 [view band]

CDs 1 & 2 recorded at fattoria musica,Osnabruck, by Bob Weston on October 18 and 19, 2005.

Mixed by Weston with help from Fred Longberg-Holm at Semaphore in Chicago. Mastered at John buy generic Golden Mastering.

CD 3 “Live” recorded in concert at the Donaueschingen Festival by Manfred Seiler from SWR on October 15, 2005.

Mixed by Seiler and Vandermark at SWR studios in Baden-Baden. Mastered by Bob Weston.

Cover Painting by “Suddenly Murmurs”by Dan Grzeca and Richard Hull
Design by Louise Molnar.
Record Label Okka Disk
Year released 2006
Release format 3CD

Johannes Bauer (trombone)
Axel Doerner (trumpets)
Per-Ake Holmlander (tuba)
Lasse Marhaug (Electronics)
Paul Lytton (Percussion)
Paul Nilssen-Love (Percussion)
Jim Baker (Piano)
Fredrik Ljungkvist (tenor and clarinet)
Dave Rempis (alto and tenor saxophones)
Ken Vandermark (baritone sax, B flat and bass clarient)
Kent Kessler (bass)
Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello)

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