2 January 2007


Afterwards, as we tried to console ourselves backstage, the manager of the venue tried to tell us a story, but because he couldn’t speak English and we couldn’t understand Polish he wasn’t getting very far. He asked one of the waitresses to come and translate for him, but as he started she just kept looking at him in disbelief. After a minute or so she asked, “Are you sure you want me to tell them this?” He shook his head yes. The story went something like this, bouncing back and forth between Polish and English as it was told:

-“So, do you all believe in ghosts?”

-Some shaking of heads, half affirming the possibility in order to hear where this tale was going to go.

-“Well, he believes in them and has proof. He went to a séance…”


-“… and the medium told the people around the table to ask the spirit whatever they wanted. Some asked its name, others when it was born, things like that.”

-“Of course.”

-“And they all got answers. But he says he knew that the lady could be just saying whatever she wanted and the people there would believe her. So every time she came back around to him, he would ask for some real proof of the ghost’s existence, “Make something in the room move,” or, “Lift someone out of their seat.”

-“You need proof.”

-“Exactly. So this happens three, four, five times, and nothing- no action, no response to his questions, nothing. So on the sixth time around he says, “Ghost, if you are present, make the Ojai board that sits on this table sail through the air above our heads!” There was a pause, then a terrifying voice boomed out, “Don’t you understand fool? This is not a circus!!”

-“That clinches it.”


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