9 June 2008


A real celebration of the accomplishments of the evening would have to wait. First we had to load everything out of the museum, not an easy task with all the security policies, hallways, and elevators. The band thought it had removed all the equipment, but as the second to last car was being sent away we realized that Per-Åke’s tuba had been left on stage. How it’s possible to miss an instrument that size I don’t know, but somehow in the chaos of clearing the stage it was possible. This necessitated having to get another I.D. badge and freight elevator pass, only to find out that someone had left the elevator door open on a different floor, which meant Per-Åke and I couldn’t use the damn thing. Plan B meant asking for help:

+We need to get back to the stage, can you tell us the easiest way to get there?

-Use the freight elevator.

+We tried but it won’t come because someone left the door open on another floor.

-You need to give it a minute. Here let me show you……………………………… Seems like someone left the door open on another floor.

+Yes. So how do we get to the stage?

-Well the easiest way is to go through the security doors, follow the hallways through two sets of fire doors, then take the elevator up to the 3rd floor, take a left down the hallway, when you get to the first set of doors take a right, this corridor goes a ways, when you get as far as you can go take a right, you’ll find a set of stairs, go down a flight and open the door, take a left and when you get to the elevator take it down to the first floor, take a left and your first right, the door at the end of the hallway will lead you to a set of stairs that will bring you to the stage, if that door’s locked you’ll need to go back to the elevator and take it to the basement, take a right and your first left and you’ll find the backstage hallways, one of the doors down there should probably still be open.


Per-Åke and I went through the security doors, followed the hallway through two sets of fire doors, then got into the elevator and hit the 3rd floor button. Nothing happened.

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