August 26th 2008


-The Arthur Dove paintings at the Art Institute Of Chicago, 8/15/08.

-“Varese [accent over first “e”]: Astronomer in Sound,” by Malcolm MacDonald (Kahn & Averill: 2003), non-fiction.

-“Richard Serra: The Matter Of Time,” catalogue concept by Richard Serra and Clara Weyergraf-Serra (Guggenheim Bilbao/Steidl Publishers: 2005), non-fiction.

-“Bill Hicks, satirist, social critic, stand-up comedian: Live,” (produced by Arizona Bay Production Company and Rykodisc: 2004), performance film.

-“Bernd Alois Zimmerman: Die Soldaten,” performance directed by David Pountney, musical direction by Steven Sloane, stage design by Robert Innes Hopkins, (produced by RuhrTriennale: 2006), performance film.