Strade d’Acqua : Roads of Water



Track list
1. Further (for Anselm Kiefer)
2. Blue Over Green (for Mark Rothko)
3. Sieve Of The Soul (for Bruce Naumann)
4. Dust Town (for William Eggleston)
5. Austral Cartography (for Cormac McCarthy)
6. Signal (for Franz Kline)
7. Dusk Meridian (for William Faulkner)Released by Predella Group [view band]

Soundtrack composed by Ken Vandermark for a film by Augusto buy online cheap Contento.

Recorded at Yellow Door, Chicago, during the second half of December 2008.
Mixed at Chicago Mastering Service.

Producer – Bob Weston*
Executive-Producer – Ken Vandermark, Tomasz Konwent, Wawrzyniec M?kinia
Record Label: Multi Kulti
Year released: 2010
Release format: CD

Nate McBride: Bass
Fred Longberg-Holm: Cello
Tim Daisy: Drums, Percussion
Jeff Parker: Guitar
Ken Vandermark: Reeds
Jeb Bishop: Trombone
Jamie Branch: Trumpet
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