14 February 2010


My last day off before the iTi tour starts(the 11th) is spent shooting photos in the fields by Terrie Hessels house, I fall in the mud past my knee and return to wash more laundry, then head to dinner with Terrie,
Ab Baars and Ig Hennemen. iTi (w/Bauer, Lehn, Nilssen-Love) starts its cd release tour for “Artifact…s” (on Okka Disk) with a gig in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Great show, more than 100 people; music really shifting radically and at anytime.
Max Beckmann’s birthday!

iTi travels to Raab, Austria for our second concert. Still feel wiped out from the Ex tour, long travel day doesn’t help. Once the music starts the concert feels really inspired, players keep the strategy of cutting in and out, music moves from solos to trios to duos to quartet with real speed and surprise. Anoth…er unique encore, very abstract but it holds together.

Band about sound and timing: