February 16th 2010


Two new albums by two new bands.

*”Artifacts: iTi Live In St. Johann” (Okka Disk). Featuring Johannes Bauer [trombone], Thomas Lehn [analogue synthesizer], Paal Nilssen-Love [drums], and Ken Vandermark [reeds]; recorded in concert during the ArtActs Festival in March, 2008. This performance captures the ferocious energy of the quartet with full force. The band returned to Europe to tour in February of 2010 to coincide with the release of this album. Improvised Music at its most kinetic- splintered electronic tones collide with percussion, brass motifs spill into extreme reed textures, boundaries smashed; job done. Cd design by Lasse Marhaug.

*”The Ex Guitars meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo: Volume 1,” by Lean Left [Terrie Hessels and Andy Moor, guitars; Paal Nilssen-Love on drums, Ken Vandermark plays tenor sax and Bb clarinet], released on SMALLTOWN SUPERJAZZ. Documented at the end of their first tour, this is the first set of material recorded at their Bimhuis show on March 19th, 2008. The musicians began each concert as a duo (guitars or drums/reeds), then would continue as a quartet. Completely improvised music that combines the freer elements of the Ex with the thorough communication developed in the years that Nilssen-Love and Vandermark have worked together; everything put into a hard edged groove kaliedascope. Lean Left toured in Europe during November of 2009, and plans to travel to Japan in the spring of 2010. Recorded by Colin McLean, cd design by Rune Mortensen.