8 March 2010


Felt good about my solo set at Corbett vs. Dempsey; a lot of the things I was developing during the iTi and Fire Room tours at loud volumes translated well to a quieter acoustic. Peter Brotzmann’s woodcuts and
watercolors looked incredible, a very inspiring environment. Was able to put funds together to purchase a beautiful piece from the show, and a little left over for some disks from Dusty Groove.

Atomic takes the roof off at the Green Mill, sounded even better than on Friday. Celebrate by nearly buy cheap tamoxifen closing the place at 4am.

Almost a day off- travel to Milwaukee to see Adrienne Pierluissi’s art opening for “15 Torsos,” fascinating variety utilizing a singular motif. Then listened to Atomic perform for the 3rd night in a row, at the Sugar Maple. They remain my favorite Jazz group currently working, great writing performed by superior improvisers. Fredrik Ljungvkist’s clarinet playing is incredible, so fantastic that this instrument is being utilized by such great musicians these days (Ab Baars too!).

Info on the Pierluissi show:http://www.byostudio.com/