24 April 2010


Paal and I arrive in Geneva after a long train trip. The Cave 12 organizers are fantastic, make us feel right at home, incredible home cooked meal. The Cave de L’AMR space is almost identical to the one in Marburg, the audience is more charged up and enthused for our music, surprised by the directions we take.

The music on this tour is going deeper into the areas we hit, in November it seemed that we were moving and cutting quickly, this time we lay into an aesthetic and search. The intesity is very very high, physically and otherwise.

Charles Mingus AND Paul Chambers’ birthday!

Trip to London is chaos- my alarm doesn’t go off, Paal wakes me with a phone call, pack in 5 minutes, catch the train to the plane, get hit with 200 euros overweight on Easy Jet, almost don’t get onto a half empty plane with our stuff, arrive at Gatwick, walk miles with equipment to the bus to the Gatwick Express Train, get cab from station to pension, but there are 4 Tottenham Roads in London and we of course have no idea which one is ours…

Finally get to Cafe Oto and find out that Easy Jet damaged my baritone and I can’t play it after paying so much money to get it to London! (Paal dragged all of our equipment through customs as I had to deal with a work permit to get into England; was unable to check the horn before leaving the airport so no way to get reimbursed from the airline…). Despite all of this, we play a driving duo set to a full house, and John Edwards  joins us for the 2nd set, creating even more energy. A great night and very happy to be back in London again.

Footage from Cafe Oto: