27 April 2010


Head to Poland from London and into sleep deprivation mode. Meet the Ex and members of Brass Unbound (unfortunately minus Roy Paci who is out on his own tour) to play the closing set of the Lublin Jazz Festival. Enroute from the Warsaw airport I realize that I left all my music in Chicago and have to relearn the charts in an hour in my hotel room before heading to soundcheck. Things come back quickly and the set goes well though a bit “rough around the edges.” Miss the punch of Roy’s trumpet, but think the music comes across well. Tons of friends arrive from Warsaw and Krakow. Great to be back!

The Ex & Brass Unbound head to Poznan by train, buydiazepamsite.com/valium-price.html make a quick switch on the Warsaw platform, our friend Michael gets the conductor to hold the train to Poznan for us! Set up for the gig is problematic, wrong
drums arrive, need a new bass drum for Kat. Soundcheck runs late, audience packed into the bar at Spot listening to the noise…

Band hits the stage and plays well, guitar amps lacking the punch Andy and Terrie want, but they attack the stage with such furor that the electricity blows out near the end of the concert. A few minutes work and we complete the set with a rousing version of the very appropriate “24 Problems”! I love working with this band.

A last look at the duo with Paal: