2 May 2010


Hunt for baritone continues. File a police report with Ola and Mikolaj Trzaska at the Warsaw Centrail Train police station. Horn actually spotted in Toru?, the thief identified as a man known as “Snake” (the events of the last few days feel like some crazy crime film…).

Musicians and fans in Poland continue to be incredibly helpful- word out on radio, internet, newspapers- with people responding with information from all over the place. The Reed Trio tour continued, music Xanax going well despite the aggravation and time spent trying to find the horn. On the 30th we play at the Cieszyn Film Festival after party (?!), gig starts off like a nightmare- 11:30pm in a beer tent, crowd talking, smoke machine- but after a few pieces listeners moved up front and things turned out well. Tour ends with a fine concert in Poznan on the 1st, 3 different players finding common ground.

Footage from the Cieszyn show: