22 May 2010


Entering the phase of a tour when the approach to sleep works as somekind of cross between Buckminster Fuller’s 3 hour power naps, andDavid Smith’s wish for 8 hours total- however they accumulate… TheChicago Tentet plays in Tours to a full house of about 200. It’s the…best concert of the trip so far, the combination of better sound (bythis I mean room acoustics, not PA) and the band getting in sync Synthroid asan ensemble through repeated performances. On the first and secondshows there were excellent small combinations (solos, duos, trios)during each set, but in Tours the Tentet also worked well as acomplete group (simultaneous layers, parallel action, full force);being able to hear well on stage of course contributed greatly to thesuccess of ensemble interplay. Closed with a beautiful encore, ashort spontaneous ballad, again with all of us involved.

Robert Creeley‘s birthday!