10 June 2010


Duo concert with PaalNilssen-Love at the Sugar Maple in Milwaukee; excellent audience,lots of new and young listeners bringing a lot of energy to the room.Show
was recorded by Ross Oldenburg, which is great because the performance
was exceptional- perhaps something there for our next release? Would
fit since one of
our last albums was recorded live in Milwaukee. Playing with Paal in
any context is always fantastic, and this duo is one of my favorite
ongoing bands. Hoped to finish the V5 Special Edition mix on Wednesday
but there was just too much material to complete (the album with be a
double cd that presents 10 of the 12 pieces buy Propecia performed over 3 sets each
of the 2 nights at the Green Mill), need to return to CMS to finish
working on Magnus Broo’s, “New Weather,” then sequence the two cds for
Not Two- still some work to do! Started working with Adrienne
Pierluissi on a painting/photography project; she’s painting based on
images I shot in Addis and Europe, I’m taking pictures of the interim
stage, and then she’s going to work off those photos, etc. Excited and
curious to see where this goes. No wonder Paal and I were inspired-
June 10th is an amazing day for artist birthdays: Howlin’ Wolf, Joao
Gilberto, AND John Stevens.