23 June 2010


Brought a bunch of Peter Brotzmann’s prints and a watercolor (from his
recent exhibition at Corbett vs. Dempsey), plus a print of Terry
Nilssen-Love’s into the shop for framing; beautiful stuff! Had to add
pages to my passport, needs to last 4 more years and the thing is
packed with stamps, even after one set of extra
pages was added. Watched the new version of “The Killer Inside Me,”
based on Jim Thompson’s buy soma novel, not a very good adaptation, somehow they
completely missed the relentless nature of the main character in the
novel. Other than Thomspon’s various collaborations with Kubrick, I
think the best expression of his work in the film medium is, “After
Dark My Sweet,” from 1990. Clip from “Paths of Glory,” check out the
prison sequence at around 7 minutes and the dialog about the cockroach: