19 July 2010


Two days of rehearsals in Berlin with a new trio featuring Haavard Wiik
and Chad Taylor. All of us bring in 3 pieces of new music, giving us 9
to choose from to put together a set for the Molde Jazz Festival, where
we perform on Wednesday. The work goes really well, and the
compositions present a broad range of stylistic
possibilities for the trio, ranging from New Chamber Music, to New
Jazz, to vamp based grooves, to “game pieces.” The expression within the
band already feels extremely cohesive, probably all the work that
Haavard and I have done in Free Fall has helped, and the fact that Chad
is an amazing and versatile drummer. These days of work and the Molde
concert are in preperation of a short tour and recording (for Clean
Feed) in Porgtual that takes place in October. Fall asleep Monday night
reading Banksy’s, “Wall and Piece.” A site where you can get his work: http://www.buybanksy.co.uk/banksy-books