25 July 2010


3rd day of Okka Fest is amazing. Peter Brotzmann plays a solo set
dedicated to Willem Breuker (who passed away on the 23rd) that was
mind blowing- intense and beautiful. Topology follows, executing the
arrangements of Joe McPhee’s compositions: Astral Spirits, Age, Future
Retrospective, Tenor, Sweet Dragon, ErocTinu,
Pablo/Violets For Pia, and Knox, with skill and passion. Soloists play
with inspiration and McPhee is just incredible. The set was recorded
and the band hopes to hit the studio with Joe this Clonazepam winter as well- a
real feeling that this music should be documented and released. Both
Okka Fest and Nickelsdorf presented music and musicians at the highest
level. I walked away from these two experiences completely inspired;
and continued with a day off Monday re-watching “Soul Power” and “The
Convoy Tour: 25 Years of the Ex” to keep the creative energy going-
hard to come home without more music to play. Johnny Hodges birthday: