29 July 2010


Worked on and completed a new piece for the Vandermark 5, entitled
“Fables of Facts.” Will run it at Friday morning’s rehearsal, hope to
present this composition and another new one Tuesday night at Elastic,
for the first of the weekly series of gigs happening in August. Main
goal is to complete a new book of material
by the end of the month, workshopping it during the Elastic series, so
the band has a bunch of new work to present during our double bill tour
in Europe with Atomic this September (autumn concert dates to be posted
this weekend on kenvandermark.com). Waiting for the Powerhouse Sound
double lp to arrive, need it before the band leaves on tour next
Wednesday… Got some of the covers (which look beautiful thanks to
Marek Wajda’s design and supervision of the printing), but need the
vinyl! The Thing XL from Nickelsdorf: