13 August 2010


Getting work done on new compositions for
the quintet- finished the preliminary work on “Leap Revisited” (wrote a
third section and will rearrange the sections put together for
Powerhouse Sound, thing that a 3 part modular composition will fit well
with the V5 and give us a lot of set options when reorganizing th…e
piece); and began sketches for a new introspective/ballad. Hung out
with family and musicians last night (caught up with Curt Newton and
Charlie Kohlhase, among others); been trying to re-read the
Bacon/Sylvester interviews but overwhelmed with the art books at my
folks place- the David Smith “Centennial” monograph is mind blowing. A
great overview of the Nickelsdorf festival by George Staicu: http://www.muzicadevest.ro/2010/08/02/konfrontationen-festival-nickelsdorf-2010/