16 August 2010


Reherased with the Vandermark 5, working
primarily on the two new charts, “Whether” and “Leap Revisited.” Both
seem as thought they’re going to work; parts of Leap are difficult to
execute, we’re going to attempt to play it at Tuesday’s concert at
Elastic anyway. Wanted to get three more pieces written for next week’s
performance but it’s unlikely to get that much material together in one
rehearsal, the compositions tend to be too long and involved at this
point to learn quickly. Ending the August run with six new pieces is no
small accomplishment, probably will be an hour of new music for the band
to bring to Europe in September… And more to the point- is the
material good and a step forward for the band? Some very nice photos by
“Juan N Only” of the Powerhouse Sound concert in Detroit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juannonly/sets/72157624744905686/with/4901334156/