23 August 2010


Get up early and finish “Second Phase”
for the Vandermark 5, rush to copy the parts out in time for our 11am
rehearsal. The new piece goes well, we’ll perform it Tuesday at the
final Elastic show. This gives us 5 new compositions to perform during
the September tour, and hour+ of music to develop from night to ni…ght.
These new charts seem to be more extrapolated- the band used to play 5
tunes a set, at Elastic we’ve been using 3, and the performances are the
same duration: longer compositional structures, improvisations
stretching out to new territory. I’m excited by these developments,
feels like the group continues to progress as a unit even after many
years of working together. Winding up the 2nd season of “Mad Men,” great
stories and cast, design and direction. Andy Moor tells me the 4th
season is fantastic, glad there’s a lot more to watch. Park Chan-Wook’s
birthday: http://www.parkchanwook.org/e/home.php