6 August 2010


Powerhouse Sound tour continues to Canada on the 5th. As always, the border is a pain but we get in finally but get to soundcheck an hour late. A small audience turns out but they enjoy the music and the band plays really well; movement between open improvised sections and…the composed material feels much more natural and “Leap” is already a solid piece. Friday’s travel to Montreal turns out to be areal nightmare, usually a six our trip turns out to be eight! Thankfully, the staff at the Casa del Popolo/Sala Rosa are very, very patient and very, very helpful. We set up in a half hour and doors open on time. Despite being quite exhausted from the long drive and lack of sleep the group plays a blistering show, probably our best ever- two sets that built in intensity throughout, everyone soloing with real inspiration; an absolute blast. And the audience in Montreal was, once again, fantastic- packed house and the first encore of the trip.A clip from the last time Powerhouse played in Montreal: