15 September 2010


Bands head to Wels, Austria- great to be
back there, amazing people running the Schl8hof. A super crowd turns
out, especially for a weeknight, both bands play on the festival stage.
First concert where the V5 has to use the sound systerm, the room is
just too big for the instruments to carry. Atomic plays a blistering
first set. Kent has technical problems with the bass on the first tune,
“Leap Revisited,” the DI was pulled out between sets. After that things
smooth out, Fred LH’s performance is brilliant- incredible version of
“Whether,” his solo is really beautiful. Encore set is the Atomic
frontline (Broo, Ljungkvist) with the V5 “backline” (Daisy, Kessler,
Lonberg-Holm). A great time hanging out with folks after the show,
talking to Guenter from the Blue Tomato about the days with the Tentet
small groups in early November… Version of “Leap Revisited” from the
last gig of the Elastic residency in August: