2 September 2010


Been working the last days trying to tie up
the loose ends on the Atomic/V5 tour, it’s a hell of an itinerary
(Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, England…) and we play
every night but one. Had a dream that I played Albert Ayler’s, “Love
Cry,” on baritone so I’m doing so on my Friday solo concert at T…ransistor;
will also play “Sweet Dragon” (by Joe McPhee), and am hoping to have
some success with some new ideas Accutane I’ve developed about self-generating
material. Watched “Patton” the other night, didn’t realize the Francis
Ford Coppola wrote the screenplay! Made me think of Altman’s,
“M.A.S.H.,” which was also released in 1970, and the shift in American
cinema these two films represent: the mythology of war vs. a “Catch-22”
type of satire, Eisenstein visual organization vs. a new methodology
that “disorganizes” narrative and filmic structure; no women in
“Patton,” women as equals in “M.A.S.H.” “(brullt)” from Bucharest: