29 September 2010


Meet Peter Brotzmann, Marino Pliakas, and
Michael Wertmuller around 5:30pm for sound check at Cafe Oto; they’d
flown in from a concert in Koln the night before. Band deals in volume-
drums in PA, massive Ampeg amp for the electric bass, Peter (!!) in the
PA. I’m doubting why I brought the clarinet… Concert start…s
with band jumping in hard with both feet, Peter charging out front and
setting the pace and the standard. But things don’t just remains
full-press intensity, there are some quieter/introspective sections, one
of Brotzmann’s beautiful blues among other highlights. The Bb cuts
above the band with the help of the mic and PA. One monster set, then a
pause- the audience demands more and we head back out, finding more to
dig into, really ferocious music but with variety and communication at
its basis. For something totally different, a special program of music
by Satie, Feldman, and Lang. Described by Michael buy online uk Haberz: marino
formenti ( the formerly pianist of the klangforum wien) is playing
only compostions by feldman, satie and klaus lang (a homebased composer)
he is living in a room of the stadtmuseum for 8 days; only leaving the room
to go to the toilett he doesn’t talk to anybody, the only communication
is by writing on a piece of paper you can watch him from the
street; and you can attend his playing from 10am to 22am and you can
watch and listen to him for 24 hours on the net today is day 6th what
on the first sight seems to be a more sportive thing is on athe second
sight only of musical reasonsone of the questions is: how is
the sound of a sforzato not after playing 20 minutes pianissimo, but
after 20 hours i think ther’s only one piece with a sforzato (feldman’s
nature piece no 2):