7 September 2010


Arrive in Stockholm on the 6th at the
same time as Dave Rempis, which is very good because neither my phone
nor my cash card works (thanks AT&T and Chase). Sort things out
and head to Akkurat for dinner with Dave, Kent Kessler, and Tim
Daisy. Atomic get delayed enroute from Spain, but arrive in time
for the concert at Fasching. The V5 play first, to probably the best
audience I’ve ever had in Stockholm- the club was packed with fans
and musicians(Per-Ake Holmlander, Johann and Andreas buy effexor tablets Berthling, Joe
Williamson,David Stackenas…). The group plays well (tackle “Fables
of Facts”and “Whether” of the new material, practice “Leap
Revisited”and “Second Phase” at the soundcheck), but the performance
feels pushed- trying to compensate for jet lag. Atomic is also
working on a bunch of new material on this tour; it will be exciting
to hear both group’s current music develop in the next two weeks
together.Sonny Rollins birthday! Here he is with Don Cherry, one of
my favorite of his bands: