18 October 2010


The Full Blast and Friends final stops:
concert in Zurich on Sunday is faced with challenges- I catch a head
cold, the audience is small, and the band struggles to connect with the
material and drive it forward. As Michael Wertmuller says, “It was real
work.” Luckily, the concert at Porgy & Bess in Vienna on Monday
was the complete opposite (yeah, my hearing and head was still stuffed
up)- the band was cooking and focused, the best all around performance
of “Sketches and Ballads” on the tour order online overnight (the show in Donaueschingen may
have had more intensity, but the material was played at the concert in
Vienna at a higher level throughout). A second set of sextet
improvisations was also strong, definitely the best evening of music the
band performed in the days together. And, once again, the audience in
Vienna was extraordinary! Friends from Wels, Mats Gustafsson were there-
a great way to conclude the project. Some music with Barry Guy and Mark
Sanders from 2008: