20 October 2010


The new trio with Chad Taylor and Haavard Wiik has it’s first gig of
the Portugal tour, in Seixal. Book of 9 tunes expanded to a dozen-
all of us bring in one new piece. I compose something in the
afternoon for the band, called “Giacometti;” woke up in the
morning with an idea and I guess being in Lisbon is inspiring- the
piece organized itself within an hour. The group rehearsed all
afternoon in the venue- A LOT of material to get together. Room was
packed when we started a little past 11pm; first set a bit tentative
(each piece is extremely different from the next, one of the benefits
and buy neurontin 300mg online challenges of working in a cooperative composing pool, everyone’s
ideas and methods are quite different), but it felt that during the
second set the trio was coming into its own; and the performance was
definitely better overall than our first gig, in Molde, Norway. Look
forward to the second concert in Sexial, and the work moving us
towards recording for Clean Feed this weekend. In addition to the
gig, the presenters showed 10 of my photographs, and had a large
exhibition/overview of my current work, with photos of bands, albums,
history- I’m pretty much overwhelmed by my reception here. Giacometti