24 October 2010


Two days in “Portalegre,” Portugal
with Chad Taylor and Haavard Wiik. Concert on Saturday night had a
problematic start; sound check for recording the performance goes very
well but once on stage the acoustics had somehow changed radically
since the afternoon (perhaps…the audience altering the room sound).
Because of this, the first half of the concert felt tentative between
the three of us, but the group pulled together and had an extremely
strong second half, the music really leaping off the stage. The
audience was superb, lots of positive feedback during and after the
show. This performance was recorded for an album to be released on
Clean Feed next year, and the following morning the band returned to
the venue to re-record the early pieces from the set- these Adderall takes
were fantastic; between the best of the concert and those of the
following afternoon the trio definitely has an excellent album in the
can [Taylor: What Is Is, Cometing, and 2 untitled; Vandermark:
Permanent Sleeve, Boxer, Giacometti, Fold; Wiik: Arborization, The
Kreuzberg Variations, 1 untitled]. Plans are in the works to tour in
Europe next October with the release of this music. The trio and folks from
Clean Feed celebrated with a fine lunch and a visit to Marvao,where
Pedro Costa convinced me to play the baritone in a cistern from the
12th century with a 20 second delay- AMAZING sound; would be
incredible to record a solo album in that space. Another duo clip of
Chad and I playing in the Trem Azul shop: