29 October 2010


Day 2 of the Tentet Fest Oslo is
outstanding. Evening starts with me being interviewed by a Norwegian
Jazz journalist in front of an audience, primarily discussing my issues
and ideas about the term “Free Jazz,” also a chance to present my
feeling about Fred Anderson’s amazing and positive impact on the Jazz
sce…ne in Chicago. The music began with a
set by Baurer/Brotzmann/Lonberg-Holm/McPhee/Zerang- the performance was burning from the
first note, tone set by Joe’s reading of one of his poems before the
musicians began playing. Mats Gustafsson followed with an excellent solo
set- quiet pointalism to overtone walls on the baritone. The concert
concluded with the Tentet in superb form, one of the best sets the group
has played (much more contrapuntal action, displays for solo and duo
improvisations), a highlight of this great performance was an incredible
and intense duo between Nilssen-Love and Brotzmann. Celebrated late
with Paal, Johannes and Ania, and the two Mareks from Poland- all of us
packed into my tiny hotel room listening to tunes from Paal’s
computer… Some duo music with me and Paal: