7 October 2010


The Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet
completes its tour, and I conclude mymonth in Europe, with a concert
in Barcelona. I’ve been extremelylucky to visit so many of my
favorite cities in these weeks:Amsterdam, Lisbon, Berlin, Vienna,
Barcelona; occasionally with time…to actual participate in the culture in
addition to playing music. After such a strong performance in
Madrid, I was concerned that theshow in Barcelona might feel like a
let down, but I needn’t haveworried about it. Jeb Bishop rejoined
the group after a crazy travelday from Tampere, Finland, so all
eleven of us were present (actuallyhad the presence of mind to get a
new photo taken of the band witheverybody in it, by Ceasar Merino).
The music was completelydifferent from that of Madrid, my friend
Olga xx described it meafter the show as a sonic online football match
(European football, that is;perhaps the show in Madrid was more like
American football…?). Thedescription was apt, the structure of
our extended set moved throughmany small combinations (duos and
trios), only occasionally going tofull force, but the energy and
tension was there throughout. Theaudience in Barcelona was just as
fantastic as the one in Madrid, anddespite the expensive ticket cost
(30 euros. And that was nearlyhalf the price to see David
Sanborn’s trio, which was 54 euros!), wehad another excellent crowd;
this one applauding and cheering instanding ovation for two
encores. A great feeling and a great way toend this tour, and the
weeks I’ve had touring around this continent. More from Oslo: