20 November 2010


Free Fall travels to Berlin. All the good karma I had while traveling
with the baritone in October is shot by Easy Jet in Paris, who charges
me 270 euros to buy a seat for the tenor and bass clarinet despite the
fact that their policy is to charge 22 euros for bringing an instrument
onto one of their planes (thi…s
was confirmed by one of the stewards on the flight who showed me the
page in the Easy Jet manual where this is stated as policy!). The band
arrives and plays a house party at Haavard Wiik’s place, Axel Doerner
and Clayton Thomas are among the listeners, great to see them both and
hang out afterwards (they’re in the middle of rehearsals with a group of
25 musicians organized by Clayton that’s going to perform in Berlin on
Saturday). Think that maybe trying this “salon” idea out in Chicago at
my place could also be a good idea… An earlier version of the
Vandermark 5 perform Roland Kirk’s, “The Black and Crazy Blues:” http://oscuraeralanoche.blogspot.com/2010/10/vandermark-5-black-and-crazy-blues.html