6 November 2010


The Tentet flies to Spain for a concert in
Madrid. Intense discussion about clarity of expression without rules,
space for development without using a plan. The benfits of the
conceptual dialog are felt on stage that night- the performance is one
of the best of the tour: a long set, music arcing beautifully and incorporating
so many aspects of what the band can do (abstract energy, blistering
grooves, introspective melodies, full ensemble or solo passages…)
without any of it feeling pre-planned or routine, just searching and
alive. The atmosphere of the concert hall was filled with energy, it
felt like everyone in the room Saturday night- from the band to the
sound technicians to the audience- was there to connect to the music and
find out where it was going to lead. A tremendous experience, though we
missed Jeb Bishop, who was in Tampere playing with Hamid Drake’s group,
Bindu. More footage of the band from our Oslo nights: