November 23rd 2011


A crazy summer in the States (Topology II recording project with Joe McPhee; Okka Fest with Mats Gustafsson and Christof Kurzmann; gigs in New York for the Clean Feed fest at the Stone; new soundtrack with Jason Adasiewicz, Steve Albini, John Herndon, Terrie Hessles, Wayne Montana, Nate Wooley; Southeast tour with Tim Daisy) is followed by a crazier autumn in Europe. Since mid August I’ve been on the road, with only one week in Chicago and a week break in Antwerp. Tours included The Ex & Brass Unbound, Lean Left, Side A, the duo with Paal Nilssen-Love, Made To Break, and now Fire Room, with the Peter Brötzmann buy online canada curated Wels Unlimited Festival dropped in the middle of everything. Recordings were released (Side A, “A New Margin” [Clean Feed]; the second solo album, “Mark In The Water” [Not Two]; Fire Room, “Live In Wels” [self produced vinyl]; with the Double Tandem [me, Paal, Ab Baars] 7″ backed with Mats Gustafsson solo on Terp, and the new duo album with Paal, “Letter To A Stranger” [smalltown] still to come…), and made (Made To Break, more duo sessions with Paal, Lean Left sessions as a quartet and with Ab Baars and Steve Noble as guests, DKV Trio meets Gustafsson/Nilssen-Love/Pupillo in Wels, and Fire Room). Busy, exciting times.