November 23rd 2011


A crazy summer in the States (Topology II recording project with Joe McPhee; Okka Fest with Mats Gustafsson and Christof Kurzmann; gigs in New York for the Clean Feed fest at the Stone; new soundtrack with Jason Adasiewicz, Steve Albini, John Herndon, Terrie Hessles, Wayne Montana, Nate Wooley; Southeast tour with Tim Daisy) is followed by a crazier autumn in Europe. Since mid August I’ve been on the road, with only one week in Chicago and a week break in Antwerp. Tours included The Ex & Brass Unbound, Lean Left, Side A, the duo with Paal Nilssen-Love, Made To Break, and now Fire Room, with the Peter Brötzmann curated Wels Unlimited Festival dropped in the middle of everything. Recordings were released (Side A, “A New Margin” [Clean Feed]; the second solo album, “Mark In The Water” [Not Two]; Fire Room, “Live In Wels” [self produced vinyl]; with the Double Tandem [me, Paal, Ab Baars] 7″ backed with Mats Gustafsson solo on Terp, and the new duo album with Paal, “Letter To A Stranger” [smalltown] still to come…), and made (Made To Break, more duo sessions with Paal, Lean Left sessions as a quartet and with Ab Baars and Steve Noble as guests, DKV Trio meets Gustafsson/Nilssen-Love/Pupillo in Wels, and Fire Room). Busy, exciting times.