Band Members

Mats Gustafsson 1986; alto, tenor & baritone saxes
Kjell Nordeson 1986; drums
Göran Lindelöw 1986-1988; guitar
Niklas Billström 1988-1995; bass
Peter Janson 1995; bass
Ken Vandermark 1996; tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet

Releases (click to view)

Double or Nothing (With the DKV Trio) (2002)
Cum Pane (2002)
I Wonder If I Was Screaming (2000)
Live at the Glenn Miller Cafe (1999)
Stumble (1998)
Hidden In the Stomach (1998)

“The two horn players thrust and parry over originals and jazz standards by Albert Ayler and Joe Harriott, while AALY bassist Peter Janson and drummer Kjell Nordeson underpin their explorations with a most congenial brand of free-form swing.” – Bob Blumenthal, The Boston Globe, September 1999″It´s swinging in powerfully irregular phrases. Tones are splintered like parts of a granite block exploded into pieces. The music is filled with excitement and irregular respiration. This is music where free wills and winds demand a lot of energy and total concentration. The paths of the tones are never really given. The moment and the impulse are the starting point of these musicians.’Safety nets’ are not for hire.” – Bill Olsson, Västerbottens Kuriren , 1998″The quartet succeeded on several fronts. Its riproaring tenor madness, combining gusty harmonies, Albert Ayler-esque spatial explorations and trans-Atlantic blues, electrified the room.” – Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Sun-Times, 1999

“(Vandermark) has developed an especially close partnership with Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson. The two men have a lot in common. Both are in their middle 30’s, and each brings a formidable combination of youthful vigor and mature technical accomplishment to his intstrumental arsenal. And both players bring a deeply researched historical perspective and wide ranging influences, including 1950’s cool jazz, European free improvisation and rock and roll, to their dynamic music.” – Bill Meyer, Chicago Tribune, SEP 1999

“ATOMIC bomb. Ken and Mats blast off. Free jazz of the kind made by saxophonists Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson is most often compared to hurricanes and volcanoes. But it’s much closer to atomic fission or the forces of quantum physics, in which the tiniest elements unleash unimaginable energy. This was a set where the sheer force of the music convinced you that you were hearing new voices with something important to say.” – Ed Hazell, The Boston Phoenix, JAN 1998

“Following Janson’s brilliant “I’ll-be-right-with-you – I’m-trying-out-some-different-tunings-right-now” opener, the first cut drives relentlessy forward, with both reedmen lurning in high-powered solos and a furious duet. Nordeson is a energetic, exciting and accurate drummer, the unison head is gripping and the solos are fiery: it’s almost immediately that listeners to Hidden in the Stomach are in for a breathtaking ride.” – Walter Horn, Cadence, SEP 1998