Okka Fest 5




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On Friday through Sunday, June 21st to 23rd, Okka Fest 5 will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Palm Tavern and Sugar Maple. Co-curated by Bruno Johnson (artistic director of the Okka Disk record label), painter Adrienne Pierluissi, and musician Ken Vandermark, the festival was first held in the spring of 2009 to celebrate 15 years of Okka Disk, and initially presented artists and groups that had recorded for the label- musicians like Fred Anderson, Joe McPhee, and Peter Brötzmann; bands like Caffeine (one of the first ensembles to record for Okka Disk), The Engines, and GUTS. In 2011, Okka Fest began to expand its scope to include musicians and ensembles from outside the Okka Disk “roster,” such as Christof Kurzmann (who performed solo with a work by internationally renowned experimental filmmaker, Michaela Grill), and Made To Break, a new group led by Ken Vandermark, who performed their first concert at the 3rd edition of the festival), and the Scandinavian band, The Thing. This year, Okka Fest 5 will not only broaden the range of musicians included on the program, but also the range of music presented, showcasing genres connected to improvised music but also styles from outside this field. The group, Fendika, from Addis, Ethiopia have been invited to this year’s edition and will perform traditional music from that country, as well as improvised sets buy cialis tadalafil online with other participants at Okka Fest 5. Below is a full list of the 2013 program:

FRIDAY, JUNE 21, The Sugar Maple

-Set One, 9pm: Keefe Jackson (reeds)/Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello)/Ståle Liavik-Solberg (drums)
-Set Two, 10pm: Nate Wooley (trumpet/electronics) & Paul Lytton (drums)
-Set Three, 11pm: Terrie Ex (guitar)/Dave Rempis (saxophones)/Tim Daisy (drums)

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