Resonance Ensemble : Head Above Water / Feet Out of the Fire



Track list
Head Above Water (Disc 1)
1. Creative Reconstruction Company [for Muhal Richard Abrams]
2. Elegy For Two Rooms [for Fred Anderson and Von Freeman]
3. Type A [for Michael Orlove]

Feet Out of the Fire (Disc 2)
1. FSA Color [for Thomas Bernhard]
2. Lipstick in Hi-Fi [for Jean-Luc Godard]
3. The Other Shore [for Robert Irving]
4. Watch Repair [for Michael Haneke]

Released by Resonance Ensemble [view band]

Disc 1 recorded August 29th, 2012 at Strobe Recording, Chicago

Recorded by Bob Weston

Disc 2 recorded live in concert March 17th at the Kunstencentrum, Belgie, Hasselt

Recorded by Michael W. Huon

Mixed by Bob Weston and Ken Vandermark
Mastered by Bob Weston
Cover order seroquel Design by Marek Wajda
Record Label Not Twok
Year released 2013
Release format Double CD

Magnus Broo – trumpet (Stockholm)
Michael Zerang – drums (Chicago)
Ken Vandermark – tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet (Chicago)
Mikolaj Trzaska – alto saxophone, bass clarinet (Gdansk)
Devin Hoff – bass (Chicago)
Steve Swell – trombone (New York)
Dave Rempis – alto & tenor saxophones (Chicago)
Per-Âke Holmlander – tuba (Stockholm)
Tim Daisy – drums (Chicago)
Waclaw Zimpel – Bb & bass clarinet, taragato (Warsaw)
Mark Tokar – acoustic bass (Lviv)

New York City Jazz Record Review of Head Above Water / Feet Out of the Fire”
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