7 April 2015


“The Anarchy of the Imagination: Interviews, Essays, Notes- Rainer Werner Fassbinder,” (The Johns Hopkins University Press: 1992), edited by Michael Tötenberg and Leo A. Lensing, non-fiction.

“The Gleaners and I,” (Ciné Tamaris: 2000), directed by Agnes Varda, essay film.

“Los Angeles buy online legally Plays Itself,” (Thom Andersen Productions: 2003), directed by Thom Andersen, documentary.

“The Periodic Table,” (Abacus: 1986), by Primo Levi, non-fiction and fiction.

“Shatter Rupture Break,” (The Art Institute of Chicago: 02.15.15-05.03.15, curated by Sarah Kelley Oehler, art exhibition.