Ken Vandermark Featured In New City


“Deborah Solomon doesn’t speak to me anymore, because I was at a cocktail party and she’d just written a profile on someone that was so nasty, and I said: I don’t know how you live with yourself.  It’s like being meter maid- all you do is bring people misery.”

-Chuck Close from The New York Times Magazine, July 17, 2016; article by Will S. Hylton; pg. 42

In general, the focus of art and music criticism seems to be centered on condemnation as opposed to evaluation, information, and identifying content.  I admit that I am extremely flattered to be included in NewCity’s, “Music 45,” for 2016- a list of 45 musicians that the weekly Chicago cultural journal feels are among the greatest contributors to the scene in this city.  My thanks to editor Brian Hieggelke, writer Robert Rodi, and photographer Joe Mazza of Brave Lux (who is the most entertaining photographer imaginable).

Here’s a link to my entry, you’ve got to scroll down the page to #24: