08 May 2017



Merce Cunningham, “Common Time,” (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago: 02.11-04.30.17)

Free Music Production, “FMP: The Living Music,” (Haus Der Kunst, Munich: 03.10-08.20.17)

Július Koller, “One Man Anti Show,” (MUMOK, Vienna: 11.25.16-04.17.17)

Helen Levitt, “In The Street,” (Milwaukee Art Museum: 01.27-04.16.17)

Takuma Nakahira, “Circulation,” (Art Institute of Chicago: 01.28-04.30.17)

Hélio Oiticica,”To Organize Delirium,” (Art Institute of Chicago: 02.18-05.07.17)

Robert Rauschenberg Retrospective (Tate Modern, London: 12.01.16-04.02.17)

Richard Serra, “The Matter of Time,” (Guggenheim Bilbao, permanent collection)

Arlene Shechet, “In the Meantime,” (Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago: 04.27-05.27.17)

John Sparagana studio visit, Chicago, 05.06.17

Christopher Williams, “Supplements, Models, Prototypes,” (Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago: 02.03-03.11.17)

Karl Winsum, “No Dogs Aloud,” (Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago: 04.27-05.27.17)

Various Artists, “Abstract Experiments: Latin American Art on Paper after 1950,” (Art Institute of Chicago: 02.18-05.07.17)

Various Artists, “Abstract Expressionism,”

(Guggenheim Bilbao: 02.03-06.04.17)

Various Artists, “Provoke: Photography In Japan between Protest and Performance, 1960-1975,” (Art Institute of Chicago: 01.28-04.30.17)


“Donald Judd Writings,” (Judd Foundation/David Zwirner Books: 2016), collected essays of Donald Judd, non-fiction.

“Open Veins of Latin America: five centuries of the pillage of a continent,” (Monthly Review Press: 1997), by Eduardo Galeano, non-fiction.


“My Architect,” (Louis Kahn Project Inc./Mediaworks: 2003), directed by Nathaniel Kahn, documentary film.

“Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress,” (Art Kaleidoscope Foundation, MUSE Film and Television: 1998), directed by Marion Cajori, documentary film.

“Hitchcock/Truffaut,” (Arte France, Artline Films: 2015), directed by Kent Jones, documentary film.

“Local Hero,” (Enigma Productions, Goldcrest Films International: 1983), directed by Bill Forsyth, narrative film.

“The Prince of Pennsylvania,” (Raw TV: 2015), 30 for 30 episode directed by Jesse Vile, documentary film.

“Richard Pryor: Live in Concert,” (SEE Theater Network/Elkins Entertainment: 1979), directed by Jeff Margolis, performance film.

“Sexy Beast,” (Recorded Picture Company, FilmFour: 2000), directed by Jonathan Glazer, narrative film.

“Stop Making Sense,” (Talking Heads, Arnold Stifle Company: 1984), directed by Jonathan Demme, concert film.

“The Witch,” (Parts and Labor, RT Features: 2015), directed by Robert Eggers, narrative film.