Marker: New Industries (2019)


Music performed and improvised by-
Andrew Clinkman: guitar (right)
Steve Marquette: guitar (left)
Macie Stewart: keyboard and violin
Phil Sudderberg: drums
Ken Vandermark: reeds

CD 1: New Industries: Studio (dedicated to Robert Bresson)
1. Alphaville #2/Trance/Alphaville #1 [14:08]
2. L’Argent/Roulette [11:57]
3. La Chambre #1/La Chamber #2/Pickpocket #1/Two or Three [19:38]
4. Porto/Key for 23 pt. 2/Key for 23 pt. 1/Baal [19:58]

Recorded by Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago on July 15, 2018. Mixed and mastered by Alex Inglizian at ESS.

CD 2: New Industries: Live (dedicated to Elza Soares)
1. L’Argent/La Chambre #2/La Chambre #1 [15:27]
2. Porto/Two or Three/Baal [20:04]
3. Key for 23 pt. 1/Key for 23 pt. 2/Roulette [12:41]
4. Alphaville #2/Trance/Pickpocket #1/Alphaville #1 [16:54]

Recorded by Dave Zuchowski at the Sugar Maple, Milwaukee on July 12, 2018. Mixed and mastered by Dave Zuchowski at One Room Studio.

Artwork & Design by Federico Peñalva
Photograph by Ken Vandermark

Thanks to the musicians; to Alex Inglizian and the staff at Experimental Sound Studio; to Adrienne Pierluissi, Robert Szocik, and the staff at the Sugar Maple; to Fede Peñalva, Brock Stuessi, and Joel Villafañe for their assistance at Audiographic Records; and to the listeners.

Design by Fede Peñalva
Photograph by Alex Inglizian


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