Transatlantic Bridge



Track list
1. Collage [for Kurt Schwitters] (14:21)
2. RM [for Marcel Duchamp] (21:20)
3. Mobile [For Alexander Calder] (17:19)
4. Stabile [For Hans Hofmann] (18:27)

Released by Territory Band 1 [view band]

Cover Painting: Van Walker
Photography: Joel Wanek
Graphics: Louise E. Molnar
Produced by: John McCortney
Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson
Mixed by: John McCortney and Ken Vandermark with heavy assistance from Tim Mulvenna, buy online no prescription Kent Kessler and Dave Rempis

Recorded at:
Airwave Studios, Chicago
February 3 & 4 2000
Record Label Okka Disk
Year released 2001
Release format CD

Jim Baker: Piano
Axel Dörner: Trumpet & Slide Trumpet
Kent Kessler: Bass
Fred Lonberg-Holm: Cello
Paul Lytton: Drums
Tim Mulvenna: Drums
Dave Rempis: Alto & Tenor Saxophones
Ken Vandermark: Tenor Saxophone, Bb and Bass Clarinet
Jeb Bishop: Trombone

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