5 May 2004


Looking at what comes next, it’s clear that the weeks until the end of July are going to be dynamite. May starts with the festival in Le Mans, France where the Brotzmann Chicago Tentet and the Vandermark 5 perform. Then the Tentet heads to Hasselt, Belgium for another concert. Both of these bands have already started work on the compositions for their next albums during performances this spring… Directly following these engagements, I fly with Paal Nilssen-Love to London to meet Nate McBride for a filming of FME at the BBC and a concert at Vortex. Then the band continues on a European tour that lasts to the 22nd: 11 concerts in 14 days. We’ll be performing material from the album, “Underground” (out on Okka Disk at the start of May), as well as completely new material written for this tour. Hope to see you out there while we’re on the road!

April brought a number of new releases: “Signs” and “Images” by the Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet (on Okka Disk); the double cd “Nuclear Assembly Hall” by Atomic/School Days (also on Okka Disk); and “Radiale” by Zu/Spaceways Inc. (on Atavistic). In May, as mentioned above, FME releases ” Underground” on Okka Disk. New music by new bands for a new year, keep your ears peeled…

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