6 September 2004


Artist statement

β€œIn order to achieve insight, you must work.”

– Kurt Schwitters
from β€œThe Dada Painters And Poets: An Anthology, Second Edition,” (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press: 1981), edited by Robert Motherwell, pg. xxvii.


First leg of the North American Sonore tour is completed, we got back across the U.S. border this afternoon on our way to Boston after Montreal. Today is a much needed day off, just driving, our chops feel busted after playing every night since September 1st and in many venues with dead acoustics. Last night was the hardest, Peter said he went through more reeds during the concert than any in 20 years. Brutal. Thankfully there was another great and supportive crowd there to hear us.

The music and the conversations have been fascinating, every day a different incredible experience. A part of me wishes I could run a microphone and record all the discussions in the van, over meals and coffee, just like we’re recording all the performances- so much is happening and I don’t want to forget any of it. Amazed to find out that Peter is a great fan of the West Coast cool school, didn’t realize this until he started talking about Giuffre the other day. Incredible and thought provoking insights into the difference between American and European perspectives on ‘free jazz’ yesterday, Peter and Mats have so much to say and I realize how little I really know about what’s been happening over there- we get things in pieces and the music has always been connected.

I look forward to picking up the music tomorrow night in Boston, having the new album to sell to help save the damn budget, and hearing where the group goes next.