1 August 2007


Artist statement

“Varése’s declaration that ‘the links in the chain of tradition are formed by men who have all been revolutionists!’ should serve as a reminder that Varése was talking about forging continuity, not breaking it. When he spoke of freedom for music, he did not mean irresponsible or unlimited freedom, freedom to do absolutely anything. He meant deliverance from outmoded practices statically and thoughtlessly perpetuated, from ‘bad habits’ (‘erroneously called tradition’), and from restrictions on the use of sound materials that modern technology had made accessible.”

– Jonathan Bernard
from “Varése: Astronomer in Sound,” (Kahn & Averill: 2003), by Malcolm MacDonald, pg. xvii-xviii.


5/31: Arrive in Köln from Krakow to meet the band. Jeb Bishop has returned to the group for the first time since “Be Music Night” was recorded in November 2004. Enroute from Chicago, a passenger sits down next to Michael Zerang and says-

Have you heard about Jesus?

“You’re talking to the wrong guy.”

Perhaps you’d be interested in hearing about the Lord?


Not at all?

“That’s right.”

Okay then, why are you traveling to Germany?

“I’m a musician going to Europe to play some concerts.”

Oh, that sounds exciting. What instrument do you play?


Well, in that case we have something in common- before I found God I was Billy Cobham’s drum tech.

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