November 22nd 2007


-Duke Ellington, “Money Jungle,” (Blue Note).

-Fugazi, “13 Songs,” (Dischord).

-Ornette Coleman, “The Complete Science Fiction Session,” (Columbia/Legacy).

-Minutemen, “Double Nickles On The Dime,” (SST).

-Karlheinz Stockhausen, “Klavierstucke I-VIII & XI, David Tudor Piano,” (hat ART).

-Refused, “The Shape Of Punk To Come,” (Burning Heart).

-Thelonious Monk, buy cheap uk “The London Collection, Vol. 1-3,” (Black Lion).

-Wire, “Read & Burn, 01 & 02,” (pinkflag).

-Evan Parker/Derek Bailey/Han Bennink, “the topography of the lungs, ” (psi records).

-Ennio Morricone, “Giu’ La Testa (Duck You Sucker, A Fistful Of Dynamite,” (Cinevox).