17 April 2008


The Resonance concert in Krakow was exceptional in every way, and every note was recorded for a future release on Not Two. In addition, many of the small group sessions will be included for this special set of recordings. Marek and I have begun discussions to develop the project’s release, and the first preparations are beginning for a possible European tour by the band in autumn of 2009. Many other positive developments came from the project. For example, Steve Swell, Magnus Broo and I are now planning on putting a group together, hopefully to begin work in early 2009. The two weeks in Krakow, composing, then rehearsing/performing with this incredible group of musicians was truly one of the great experiences of my life. Its success relied completely on the work of many, many people: musicians, organizers, staff at Alchemia, fans… It’s definitely one for the books, and will be in my memory with permanence.

With such good feelings and post-concert excitement it was impossible not to celebrate back at the Alchemia until I don’t know when, it was breakfast time and broad daylight when Magnus and I ended the “evening.” The next day started late, people stumbling into the club for coffee, to get paid, to do interviews on the project for possible use with the material for the Resonance recordings. The band met for dinner and said goodbye, people were leaving at different times the next day and no one knew when we’d see each other next. A few people headed back to Alchemia for a final drink before heading to sleep. It was a quiet end to the period, most of the staff was gone; a Sunday night and the intense work and fun of the previous week had taken its toll. Things seemed set to end with Dave and I and a few others quietly relaxing. Then, as it always seems to be at Alchemia, another energy was set in motion. Tim Daisy arrived up with his luggage (he was leaving at around 4am with Dave and some others), some of the Alchemia crew showed up, and it was a loose party again- very happy and very true end to the last fourteen days.

I flew to Amsterdam on the 20th, before heading back to Chicago from Schipol the next day, coincidentally in time for Ab Baar’s birthday and a Thanksgiving dinner at Michael Moore’s house. What a nice way to spend an evening before going home! Ab, Ig Henneman and I ended things at Krom, some final frozen Duvels before bed and some another short sleep before traveling. Ab made early morning coffee for me and Ig, quite a sight as he worked over the stove, half asleep in his bathrobe, but I’m sure I was so beyond worse for wear at that point I am in no position to comment. A cab, and a wave goodbye to Amsterdam and Europe, then a nice flight back to Chicago in order to get some sleep…

-Ken Vandermark, Chicago, 4/16/08.

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