April 26th 2008



The new album, “Goofy June Bug,” by the Ab Baars Trio (with Wilbert de Joode and Martin van Duynhoven) & Ken Vandermark has been released on the Wig label.  It includes the following compositions: “Straws, A Portrait of Igor Stravinsky,” (Baars), “Honest John, A Portrait of John Gilmore, “ (Baars), “Losing Ground,” (Vandermark), “Waltz For Monk,” (Vandermark), “Then He Whirled About” (Baars), “Memory Moves Forward,” (Vandermark), “Munmyo,” (Baars), “Return,” (Baars), and “Goofy June-Bug Forgotten Poet Morning Stomp,” (Baars). The music was recorded at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam on October 21st and 22nd.


Bob Weston mastered the double cd, “Distil,” by Atomic Ventolin School Days on April 17th, it will be released on Okka Disk during June.


Also in April, Ken Vandermark wrote two pieces for the new large band, Index Orkest (with Jason Adasiewicz, Jeb Bishop, Jamie Branch, Tim Daisy, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Nate McBride, Dave Rempis, and Greg Ward).  These were composed for the group’s first performance, at the Immediate Sound Series 2nd Anniversary show on April 26th, and are entitled “Entrance Or Exit,” and “Current Conversation.”


The Frame Quartet’s performance and interview on WNUR’s show Airplay, held on April 19th, can be heard at this link:


http://www.wnur.org/airplay/archives2008/The_Frame_Quartet_WNUR_20080419.m3u <http://www.wnur.org/airplay/archives2008/The_Frame_Quartet_WNUR_20080419.m3u>