July 28th 2008


New Album!
c.o.d.e – the third cd-project of the young viennese label Handsemmel Records is dedicated to the music of Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy, two american jazz greats of the 60’s. The label’s newest cd continues the previous path of the label: musicians, who have never before recorded or played together, deal with a preset concept.

The contributors for the project are partly from the U.S. (Ken Vandermark from Chicago plays tenor saxophone bass and Bb clarinet) Austria – Wolfgang Reisinger (drums), Max Nagl (alto saxophone) – and Clayton Thomas (bass), from Australia and who is currently situated in Berlin. Each provided arrangements for the album:

Miss Ann (Dolphy/Nagl), Dee Dee (Coleman/Nagl), Free Jazz (Coleman/Thomas), GW (Dolpy/Thomas), The Madrig Speaks, The Panther Walks (Dolphy/Vandermark), Something Sweet, Something Tender/The Sphinx (Dolphy/Coleman/Vandermark), Researching Has No Limits (Coleman/Reisinger), Hat And Beard (Dolphy/Thomas).

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